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Mind Myths - Awakening to a New Freedom from Chronic Illness and Emotional Distress

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Mind Myths is an intriguing and thought-provoking look at the attitudes, beliefs and myths that keep people locked into chronic illness and emotional pain. Whether it is diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression or any other chronic condition, Mind Myths is intended to help the reader examine the "why" of illness, not the "what". By exploring the power of our thoughts, the popular myths and illusions in medicine and our own cultural expectations, we may begin to free ourselves from our self-imposed limitations. Mind Myths is intended as a door opener; a flashlight into the dark room for those who are feeling stuck and looking for deeper answers. Written not as an argument to convince the reader of anything, Mind Myths nevertheless prompts a change in perspective and a conscious examination of those thoughts and beliefs that do not serve our greatest potential!

Your Body pH and Your Health - Now in English and Espanol!

I am pleased to announce the release of my new e-book entitled "Your Guide To Body pH" in English and Spanish versions. Over the years it became apparent that many of the vague but chronic "mystery symptoms" that people experienced were often helped greatly or entirely eliminated through the healthy normalization of body pH. But body pH is frequently misunderstood and not an application that is easy to apply based on intuition or guesswork as had been the rule in past years. Although it is a science, it is relatively easy to master. This e-book is intended to provide the reader with the understanding and the tools to be successful in improving their health.

To learn more, you can visit the publisher's website I hope you find the book both informative and beneficial.

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The Science Behind Energy-Based Healing - An Introduction

For many people, the concept of energy-based healing, whether experienced in the form of homeopathy, Reiki, EFT or other modalities, is quite natural and practical. For many others, such concepts may appear to be either "unscientific" or "really out there". Yet, an increasing number of scientists, physicists, practitioners and patients are exploring this fast emerging arena and finding that there much more to it than our 3-D "better living through chemistry" paradigm has allowed us to see. If fact, when we begin to let go of our limiting Newtonian-based bias and explore these concepts from a quantum physics understanding, we begin to realize that energy-based healing is scientific, just not Newtonian science. You can explore this topic for yourself in watching "The Living Matrix Movie". Professionally produced and edited and contains interviews with leading scientists, astronauts, clinicians and physicists. An excellent primer.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein

Thrive - The Movie: Released 11/11/11

So many of the events in our modern lives don't appear to make sense. Why don't we have clean renewable alternative energy technology? Why does the government continue it's war against alternative medicine and organic foods? Why does government push dangerous GMO-foods into the food chain even when survey upon survey shows that people don't want them and animal studies show they are not safe? Why are toxic vaccines promoted and in some cases, mandated, when many studies raise serious concerns about their safety and effectiveness? What does the State take the children from those parents who choose some treatment other than "chemo, radiation or surgery" for their child's cancer? Questions: in need of answers.

We all know something is very, very wrong in our society and in our world. But most people don't understand why things are this way. One of the cardinal rules in good journalism when things don't make sense is: "follow the money trail". It is no secret that in medical research and the development of treatment protocols, who funds the study has a lot to do with the results. But the picture is much bigger than just medicine and healthcare. In fact, it affects every area of your life.

As more and more people around the globe awaken and question the illusions that have kept them sick, poor and leading lives of limitation and desparation, movies such as Thrive offer a breath of fresh-air. If you are hungry to know why we can't seem to live our lives in freedom, abundance, safety and in dignity, they you will want to watch Thrive.

Thrive will challenge you. Those who take their world view from the corporate-owned media outlets of CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, NPR and FOX, will have an opportunity to free themselves from the distortions and illusions created to obscure deeper agendas. This requires both honesty and courage. For those who have long ago sought independent news and information sources, Thrive may add to the understanding and perspective that you have been searching for. Many have said that humanity is now at a crossroads. If true, perhaps it is time we drop the illusions that have not served us, open our eyes and take responsibility for our future. Either way, eyes-open or eyes-shut, the choices are ours.