Heart Coherence - Beyond Relaxation and Meditation

The role of stress in our daily lives is hard to underestimate. Even more interesting is that studies suggest we as people are generally not very adept at monitoring the levels of physiological stress we carry, until it breaks through into disabling symptoms. In years past, integrative care practitioners encouraged and taught "relaxation" training, as a counter measure to the "fight or flight" response that is the foundation of our stress response. The benefits, like with meditation, are real, and cummulative if you continue to practice.

Heart coherence is a very special state, which is measurably different, both physiologically and psychologically from being "relaxed". (We see a lot of people who try to relax and become more fidgety and restless than when they were "busy". Many have simply forgotten how to relax in body and mind!!) Rather than working through the brain, heart coherence works through the heartfield, to coordinate the cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous system, digestive system, and brain wave patterns, so everything is in sync. And with heart coherence, you can be in a meeting, speaking before a group, running a marathon, while in a high state of coherence rather than just sitting is a quiet, darkened room, with no noise, chanting "om". If you have been looking for a non-pharmacological way to not only reduce stress, but change how you react to stress, you should look at coherence training.

The emerging research on the benefits of being in a state of heart coherence suggest we are on the doorstep of a new frontier of creating the healthy, resiliant minds and bodies we have long sought. While this web page cannot do justice to the volumes of research studies, clinical feedback, and experience acquired about heart coherence, we wanted to bring it to your attention as an extremely valuable tool and practice for those seeking truly whole-being health.

Recent research tells us that the magnetic field of the heart is roughly 5000x more powerful than that created by the brain. And the electrical energy created by the heart is roughly 60x that created by the brain. And yet, we all thought the brain was where all the action was! In fact, there is more communication from heart to brain, than brain to heart. When we train the rhythm of the heart to a certain pattern, it creates a unique state in which the heart, cardiovascular system, nervous system, immune system, brain waves, and hormonal systems are all working together in a highly efficient and harmonious state, that scientists call "coherence". Coherence is measurably quite different from "relaxation". Heart coherence training is a scientifically validated technology to help develop greater internal harmony and inner peace. It is highly recommended for long-term benefits, including, mental clarity, creativity, enhanced intuition, better problem-solving, as well as for blood pressure, hormone balance, sleep issues, stress, anxiety, and many more. In a 1400 person study involving people from 6 global companies, the following results were sustained after six months from taking the HeartMath coherence training: 60% reduction in anxiety, 45% reduction in exhaustion, 41% recution in intent to leave the job, 24% improvement in the ability to focus, 25% improvement in listening ability, 17% improvement in home / work conflict. Pretty good for a 20 minute practice once or twice a day! Can you afford the time to feel better?

Based on our extensive research and experience with this science, we have selected the HeartMath emWave technology, as the most solid and research-supported technology for personal use. Please click the link below for more information. Clients who purchase the emWave unit through our web-link, are entitled to a free 20 minute orientation session with Dr. Sullender, a regular user of the HeartMath technology.

I invite you to read and explore further. We have just recently added another heart coherence training technology, Relaxing Rhythms (formerly Healing Rhythms). HeartMath and Relaxing Rhythms do differ somewhat in the nature of the interface. Kids may find the detailed and engaging graphics of the Relaxing Rhythms more "fun". Adults may perfer the detailed information and biometric feedback of the HealthMath products. The HeartMath emWave2 is a small portable device, which is great when you travel or are not near a computer. I invite you to click on either or both of the graphic links below, for additional information.

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For those of you who feel frustration with the state of national and global affairs but feel helpless as to what you might do to make a difference, we encourage you to explore the Global aspects of heart coherence by visiting the Global Coherence Intitiative.

Here are a couple of short Youtube videos on the Global Coherence Initiative:
Global Coherence Initiative Project
Global Coherence Initiative to Shift Global Consciousness