What are You Up Against?

Sooner or later, most of us begin to recognize patterns or “tendencies” in our health. Are we prone to inflammation? To anxiety? Are we especially stress-sensitive? Are we prone to GI problems? That pattern may also be evident in our lineage – parents, grand-parents and beyond.

But does that mean we are helpless?

No. Our genes, food choices, environment, even emotions interact and can affect the expression of certain genes. The science of Epigenetics has changed our perception of how genes affect health. Perhaps you have heard something about the MTHFR gene and methylation. Certainly, proper methylation IS important to our health, but this is just ONE gene that may be contributing to lingering health issues. Have you heard of Autophagy!!

Certain genes can make us predisposed to certain types of health issues. Knowing what those genes are can be helpful in designing alternative strategies and support. For example, there are certain genes that regulate the ability of the body to down-regulate (turn-off) inflammation once it is no longer needed. These “off-switches” may be less effective in some people, leading them to persistent inflammatory disorders.

Genomic testing has now become available and affordable and allows both clients and practitioners to be more specific with nutritional support by providing important clinical insight when progress is slow or stalled. It is not about treating the disease. It is about supporting the body in very specific ways so it may more successfully self-regulate and, hopefully, heal.

Working with GXSciences and Dr Kendal Stewart MD we can now provide access to high quality SNP testing. Different panels of gene SNPs have been assembled to allow more targeted testing. And your DNA is collected via mouth swab… no blood draw necessary!

This information may be extremely helpful for those clients dealing with:

Chronic inflammation



Auto-immune illness

Chronic infection (tick-borne illnesses)

Chronic Pain

Persistent hormonal imbalances

Allergy and chemical sensitivity......

and much more!

I have posted a link below to a series of PodCasts with Kendall Stewart, MD, that provides additional information. This is a service we provide to clients. Testing is easy and results are often available in 2 weeks.




Episode 1 Dr. Stewart’s Background & Expertise

Episode 2 Methylation: The Key to a Healthy Life & Why so many people Are Deficient

Episode 3 ADD/ADHD: Alternative Treatments, Diagnosis & Long Term Side Effects of ADD Medications

Episode 4 Headaches & Migraines: Causes & Treatments

Episode 5 Anxiety & Depression Overview: Causes & Nutritional Suggestions

Episode 6 Sleep Issues & Tips to Support the Sleep-Wake Cycle for Better Rest

Episode 7 Post Concussion & Head Injuries: Assessing & Recovering

Episode 8 Viruses & Cancer: Causes, Prevention, & The Importance Of Immune Status

Episode 9 Autism & Processing Disorders: Causes, Treatment & Development in PreScreening Your Child Prior to Vaccine

Episode 10 Nutrition Protocols and What Products May Be Right For You

This testing is available to all of our clients.