Commonly Helpful Lab Tests for Clinical Nutrition Consultations

There are a number of laboratory tests that are recommended to assure that basic health issues have been evaluated and properly addressed. Clients who have underlying anemia, iron-deficiency, sub-optimal Vitamin D3 levels, central or peripheral low thyroid, impaired methylation function or other metabolic issues may wish to address them early in their program. Fewer unresolved issues usually means smoother progress.

The core tests are:
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Complete Blood Count with differential
Vitamin D3 level (25-hydroxycholecalciferol)

The Fatigue Panel~(in addition to the core tests)
serum ferritin,
free T3
free T4
reverse T3
anti-TPO antibodies
anti-thyroperoxidase antibodies

Methylation Status~(in addition to the above panels)
serum homocysteine

If you are able to get these tests performed through your primary care provider, please obtain a paper copy of the actual lab report with the test, test results and references ranges clearly listed. You should verify that ALL of the requested tests were performed as requested.

If testing through your primary care provider is not possible, you may, depending on which state in which you live, order these tests through one of our online lab portals.

For access to Provider #1, go to: Go to Test Categories on the lower right corner. Then click on Tests Page. Most of the tests are singled out on this page. For other tests, use the alphabetical search boxes.

Use the link provided above
Set-up your account and provide personal and contact information
Select the tests you wish to order
Complete the payment information
Process your order
You will receive the Lab Requisition Form by email to take to the nearest lab station.

The physician for DirectLabs signs off on your order and YOU receive the results directly in a couple of days. No other medical appointments are necessary. These are significantly discounted lab fees and not billable to insurance.

For access to our 2nd lab service provider, click on the image below:

Assessing Toxicity

We use the Medical Screening Questionnaire - MSQ to determine whether symptoms may be due to toxicity and a clinical detoxification program may be clinically beneficial. You may download and complete the MSQ and score your result as directed. The XTT section helps deterimine to what extend your ability to metabolize and excrete toxins is genetically weak.

The MSQ Questionnaire

Please send copies of your test results in PDF format and MSQ prior to your appointment. Thank you.