Special Products

Periodically, we discover products or services that have unique potential for enhancing health or are simply healthier choices than what is commonly available. We like to share what we have found and support the people and businesses that provide products and opportunities that can make our lives healthier. These are products and / or services with which Dr. Sullender is personally familiar, uses personally, or has sufficient information about or recommendations from respected colleagues as to be comfortable with the product. This list is not exhaustive or exclusive and is subject to change and "up-grades" as we identify superior technologies. This is not a warranty or guarantee. If you have questions, please feel free to email us.

We recently added a section at the bottom of this page for special products and services that, while not directly health-related, have been of particular value to us that we feel you may enjoy knowing about. We like to share!! Enjoy!

This page UPDATED July 2014

Pure Healthy Alkaline Water

Clean healthy water you actually enjoy drinking is a must. Many people are mildly dehydrated and don't even like the taste of water. Is your water acidic? Are you concerned about bacteria or parasites? Our current recommendation for counter-top water filtration is from High Tech Health. Made in Japan, these are advanced water purification systems, not just simple water filters. You can now make clean, healthy alkaline water, at home for less than the cost of those exotic, "mirco-cluster" waters in the store. We have used this unit for years at the office and at home. Clients get a special discount, so don't forget to ask.

For information on the Water Ionizer / Purification click on the image:

Special Filters to Remove Fluoride / Filters for the Shower and Bath

The evidence has become pretty clear. Fluoride is a toxic substance that you really don't want to have in your water. But in many cities and towns in the US, the municipal water "city water" is fluoridated, based on old and out-dated "science" alleging some benefit for tooth decay. Many bottled waters are also fluoridated. The fluoridation of water is banned in Europe. What can you do?

Fluoride can be filtered from your tap and shower water, but not all water filters can effectively remove fluoride. We have found a company that has an array filter options for fluoride removal. They also produce special filters you can use in the shower or bath tub, to help remove the chlorine. Many people with bronchial conditions find that breathing the chlorine gas released in a hot shower aggravates their breathing. There are inexpensive solutions that may help.

Please click on the image below to visit their website for more information.


Rebounding: The Easy Exercising You Do at Home

Theories about exercising seem to come and go. And finding the time to get the right kind of exercise is another challenge for busy people. Rebounding is easy, effective, "joint-friendly", and can be done conveniently at home. It offers health benefits and simplicity that many other forms of exercise simply can't provide. If you already have a well-designed exercise program that works for you... great! If you don't, a home rebounder would be a smart consideration. We have examined many rebounders on the market before making our purchase a couple of years ago. We wanted a high quality unit with durable fabric and quality springs... not some cheap import. We found the Needak Rebounder to meet the criteria.

Please click HERE to visit their website and read more.