Serious Self-Care

The concept of Self-Care is not new. Self-Care is, in fact, the true cornerstone of preventive medicine within all the disciplines of "natural medicine". Without Self-Care, we would all be needing the services of a crisis-care provider on a frequent basis, depending on our life habits and choices. Most people understand the need for Self-Care, even if they have great difficulty in practicing it. For some people, the concept of Self-Care is tied to the rituals and behaviors directed to improving one's appearance. And while we are all free to define our concept of self-care in our own particular style, the question arises: will your self-care practices improve your health? Will your Self-Care practices lead to enhanced immune fuction, greater resiliance, decreased risk of illness or disease, a reduction in total body toxin levels, decreased inflammation, and generally a better functioning physiology? These are realistic questions to ask when we have the intention to live a healthy, dynamic long life and are conscious of the alternatives.

The essence of Prevention is living those behaviors and attributes which enhance our health and reduce our risk of disease. Certainly this includes eating unprocessed, fresh, organic foods, getting restful sleep at night, controlling one's stress responses, and reasonable exercise. All of these steps are truly foundation-level "basics". But as important as they are, for many people they are simply not enough. Given our over-extended, stress-filled lives and daily toxic exposures, there is more that can be done. Two missing "key" elements include: active support of our detoxification processes (to help reduce total body toxic burden) AND support of our innate repair processes and increase cellular energy production. In the paragraphs below, I discuss considerations in dealing with both. If that sounds like a lot, it is. What is most interesting, however, is that both of these elements can be done at home, on your own, as part of your daily practice of Self-Care.

This page is entitled "Extreme Self-Care" to distinguish it from the more cosmetic pursuits and is a response to the frequent question that I am asked: "what can I do to improve and maintain my health so I won't need a doctor?". While no device or practice can guarantee that you won't ever need medical services or pharmaceuticals, what we are all trying to do is alter some of the variables in the health equation that tip us away from illness and toward health. Given that current research strongly suggests that our health depends more on the epigenetic factors of life that controls how our genes express, we suddenly realize that we do have the power to make a difference! The "key" seems to be: "knowing what to do" and then "practicing it on a consistent basis".

The suggestions that follow are based on my 30+ years of research, investigation and personal experiences. I hope these recommendations help clients and visitors avoid some of the common pitfalls and costly mistakes that tend to occur when researching these technologies. I only recommend what I personally use. You are invited and encouraged to do your own investigations.

Whole Body Detox ˜ Far-Infrared Saunas

Many health experts extol the virtues and benefits of a far infrared sauna as a major assist in eliminating toxins, heavy metals, chemical residues, etc. that we accumulate over the years. We regularly review the FIR saunas that are on the market to see if they meet the standards that we feel are technically and functionally important. We currently have two recommendations, depending on your budget, space and portability needs. The first is from High Tech Health. They make a well constructed FIR sauna using non-toxic poplar wood and high quality Japanese FIR emitters. It is a "walk-in" type unit, and is available in sizes for 1, 2 or more people. No special wiring is necessary for the smaller units. This is the unit that most experts in the field end up choosing due to the design, construction and FIR emitters. We do not recommend FIR saunas constructed out of redwood or cedar.

Most people who invest in a high quality far infrared sauna feel it was one of the best investments they made in their long-term health. They are exceedingly convenient to use, economical to operate, and perform that important "detox" function that we all need.

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If either space, cost or portability are factors in your decision about a FIR sauna, we suggest you consider the Relax FIR sauna. It is much smaller, portable and folds up into a neat carry bag that can be easily stored in a closet or taken with you on trips. The FIR generated in this unit is 100% in the ideal wavelength range and there is enough power to make it effective. (Be careful: a lot of cheap saunas look exactly like this sauna, but do NOT have far-infrared emitters or emitters that don't put out the correct wavelengths! Buyer Beware!!) It even comes with a folding seat to use in the sauna "tent".

For more information on this unique FIR Sauna, click on the image below. We have arranged for a reduced price when going through this link.

Like most things, there is an art and science to using the FIR sauna effectively. If you need help, we can provide some guidance.