How to Make An Appointment

Whether you are a current client or a New Client, making an Appointment is easy with our on-line scheduler. Simply click on the link below and you will be taken to our scheduler.

New Clients

If Dr. Sullender has not seen you previously, you will want to select the Initial Consultation appointment. Days and times that are available for any given month will be displayed. Once your appointment is made, you will receive the appropriate New Client Intake forms by email.

Current Clients

If you are currently working with Dr. Jeff, then you will select a Follow-Up appointment. There are 2 appointment time allotments: up to 45 minutes, and up to 60 minutes. While every case and situation is different and the amount of time it may require to review lab tests, make recommendations, etc. will vary, these time units are a good starting place. If our schedule permits and there is a need for additional time in an consultation, we will try to provide you with that additional time, pro-rated to the hourly rate. Most clients appreciate the opportunity to complete a discussion rather than continuing at a later date. But that does depend upon the schedule. In complex cases or when 2 or more lab tests are scheduled for review and interpretation, it may be wisest to just schedule 2 appointment back-to-back, to assure that ample time is available. With complex cases where getting to the "core" issues is so important, there is simply no substitute for focused discussion, explanations, and understanding.


Alot can happen in 3 years, and if you have not spoken with Dr. Sullender for 3 years or more, it is very important that we "update" your history, medication information, and status, before we can make additional recommendations. Please select the "Re-Evaluation" Appointment on the scheduler.

We Are Virtual!

To better serve our geographically diverse clients, we have migrated to a "virtual" format to make interaction easier and more convenient. Consultations are conducted via telephone or Video. For more information on the virtual interaction, please click Communicating is Easy for the details.

Being virtual, please bear in mind that there is no receptionist to answer the telephone. Most all of the information necessary is on the website, or provided to clients prior to or during appointments. Still, we are here to help and if you feel it is necessary to speak to someone about an appointment or special issue, please send us an email or fax with your name, phone number and a good time to reach you. We will endeavor to return your call in a timely manner during our regular hours of operation. Please understand, that we cannot pre-screen individual cases or provide clinical recommendations if you are NOT a client.

For information on Consultation Fees and to schedule an appointment, use the link below.

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