Natural Healing For Animals Using Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields

Like humans, our beloved animals can suffer from painful and chronic conditions that affect bones, joints, tendons, skin, nerves and spinal cord and other hard and soft tissues in the body. These tissues comprise some 75% or more of animal and human weight.

Now, research developed at NASA provides for an advanced method of healing using Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF). Verified in studies conducted at Texas A&M University School of Veterinary Medicine and in veterinary practices around the country, this device has been used successfully for a variety of ailments and may be particularly effective in pain relief with some cases of complete remission of chronic pain. It has been successfully used on small and large animals to safely and effectively promote healing in hard and soft tissue injury and chronic disease states, including, but not limited to, long bone fracture, tendon, ligament, and cartilage injury, and osteoarthritis. The device also promotes healthy joints and helps relieve joint pain and swelling.

The Patented MagnaVet technology and device is the first of it's kind, designed specifically to enhance tissue regeneration and repair by enhancing stem cell proliferation and stem cell signaling factors within tissues. With this technology, injured tissue is all repaired and re-generated within the animal from the animal's own cells! There are no concerns about immune cross-reactivity or tissue rejection as may be the case with the injection of foreign tissues or cell lines. No drugs, no side-effects.

MagnaVet devices are currently approved ONLY for animal use and are NOT approved for human use. The Company will seek FDA approval for human use as the clinical evidence is collected and application process requires.

Currently, there are two MagnaVet devices, one for small animals (MagnaVet 102) and one intended for larger animals, such as horses (MagnaVet 104). The principle difference is the field strength generated in the two units. Each unit has a set of "coils" that are applied externally on the animal to effect treatment.

One of the inventors of the MagnaVet device was a principal researcher working with NASA on technology to help astronauts maintain bone mass during deep space travel. Later, that research extended into stem cell expansion and tissue repair and regeneration. I have spoken with the developer directly and read the orignial NASA study and from all I can ascertain, the device should be a quantum leap forward in healing for many animal conditions. As many of you know, I have been strongly interested in the therapeutic application of PEMF and have seen amazing results with many clients who have used the Quantron Resonance System (QRS) technology for themselves. Many of the critical differences in these devices revolve around the type of wave-form (sinusoidal or square wave) and how the waveform is slewed and gated. In the NASA research behind the MagnaVet devices, very precise design of the PEMF waveform was necessary to achieve the same results in gravity as were achieved in space. MagnaVet and QRS are quite different in their effect and intended for very different purposes.

The MagnaVet device is very safe. The output is a magnetic field, NOT an electric current and is generated by very low power levels. In fact, all of the energy that goes into the magnetic field first passes through the green LED on the control box, so the total amount of output power is very low, about 300mW. This is about 1/3 of the power of a typical cell phone. The effects are not based on "how much power" the device puts out, but rather, the quality and characteristics of the electromagnetic field and how it is pulsed. The voltage and amperage are too low to give a painful shock even if your pet chews through the coil wires. (Yes, the coil wires may be damaged but the coils can be replaced separately and inexpensively.) One of the MagnaVet engineers actually chewed through the wires himself to see what he would experience!! A slight tingling may be felt if the wires are exposed, but no damage to the skin will result.

MagnaVet is very new. The science, research and clinical feedback has so impressed me that I have agreed to distribute this technology to pet-owners and veterinarians in New England. If you have animals and are interested in using the MagnaVet technology with them, please contact me. In the future, the MagnaVet 102 and 104 will be available by prescription from qualified Veterinarians. I will be happy to speak with any Veterinarian who is interested in working with this truly advanced technology for tissue regeneration and repair. Until then, we will make the MagnaVet units available directly to pet-owners with the stipulation that it is for ANIMAL USE ONLY and NOT FOR HUMAN USE. Keep in mind that the suceessful use of the MagnaVet device will depend to a significant degree on the placement of the two loop coils on the animal. Placement may seem straight-forward when dealing with a bone fracture, but far less clear in cases of back pain or urinary incontinence. The symptom and the origin of the symptom are not always co-located in the same place. Improperly placed coils will do no harm, but may result in poor clinical outcomes, so we strongly recommend getting the advice from your vet for any particular application.

The cost of the small animal device (MagnaVet 102) is $1000 per device and the cost of the large animal device (MagnaVet 104) is $1500. Replacement coil sets are readily available. The unit runs on a 9V Alkaline battery (estimated operational time is approximately 24 - 36 hours). Rechargeable NiMH batteries may also be used and will provide approximately 4-5 hours of operation.

A = MagnaVet 102 Pulse Generator
B = Coils and cables
C = Rechargeable batteries (2)
Not shown are the instruction sheet, optional pet vest, or silicone jacket or rubber bands to secure the batteries.

For more information, please contact us: MagnaVet Inquiry If this link does not work for you, please use the email information available in the "Contact US" section of this website.

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The MagnaVet device is expressly not for use in humans and the safety and effectiveness of the MagnaVet device has not been evaluated in humans. The MagnaVet device is expressly not intended to treat food or food-producing animals.

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