Healthy, Seasonal Recipies

For many people, cooking delicious meals utilizing fresh, local and organic ingredients is a BIG challenge. Other people just don't know what to cook or how to prepare it! Relying on frozen and pre-prepared foods or eating in restaurants is a budget-buster and you still don't know what is in the food.

Fortunately, we found a resource for expert help. Chef Keith Snow can make life a LOT easier with his vast library of recipes and VIDEO instruction. In fact, he has over 300 instructional videos to help you learn how to prepare great meals for yourself and your family. Sometimes, cookbooks just don't go far enough. Being able to watch videos can really add clarity and confidence if you are unsure in your kitchen skills. This is next best thing to having a private chef come to your home.

Even if you can barely boil water, this is a truly convenient opportunity to learn at your own pace, at home, on your own time. Chef Snow provides you with the following support:

  • Learn about your local foods and your states harvest calendars,

  • Watch Chef Snow prepare food using our HUGE video library (over 300 videos),

  • Use Chef's Snows proven recipes that use local foods including... produce, meats, dairy, grains etc..

  • Collaborate with others in The Harvest Eating Forum,

  • Consume quick tip and Cookonomics videos showing basic food and kitchen tips (over 100 videos,

  • Access the community or Chef Snow directly through Facebook, The Forums or by email....

  • Use their categories to find foods quickly: vegan, vegetarian, summer , fall, Ethnic, 30 minutes of less etc.,

  • Become part of the fastest growing commnity of local food lovers who congregate around custom created video and written content that is released each month keeping things fresh,

  • Being able to be part of Chef Snow's personal journey in food media and local food discovery through his unique content.

  • I hope you will check out Chef Snow's website and consider whether his services can help expand your choice of healthy culinary experiences.

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