Communication is Easy

Our goal is to provide you with World Class care and advice in a friendly, relaxed and flexible format. Our migration to a virtual format allows us to meet the needs of clients who are geographically "elsewhere" as well as those who are unable to visit an office during weekday office hours.

Consultation may be conducted by telephone or video call. Established clients will have the choice. All Initial Consultations, however, must be conducted via Video.

A Video Appointment is Easy and the Technology is Free

For Video Appointments, we can work with Skype or I will set-up a one-on-one "webinar" video meeting. Skype is a free download ( Either way, the video call is free over your high-speed internet connection. Both Skype and the Webinar option are functional with both PC and Mac.

You will need the following items:

  • a computer with a fast processor

  • a high speed internet connection (direct wire connection to Ethernet is faster than wireless)

  • a web camera

  • Skype software downloaded and installed (if not choosing the Video Webinar option)

  • a microphone, if one is not built into your web camera

  • your "Skype-name" you created for yourself when setting up Skype

Many newer PCs and Mac computers have built-in web cameras and microphones. If you have an older computer, you will need to purchase a decent add-on web camera with a microphone.

Video Software Links

Click Here for Skype software

Our Video Information

Our Skype name is: TheCNER
Our Camera: Logitech 9000 Pro HD

Checking Your System

Installation of Skype is fairly easy. But you will want to check your system to make sure it functions properly before your appointment time. Skype has functions built-in to let you check your audio and video connections. You may also have friends or neighbors who use Skype routinely that may be able to help you.

If you wish meet via our Webex Video Webinar instead of Skype, you can indicate this preference when you schedule your appointment. You will be given a Meeting Code just before your appointment to use at "Join a Meeting". You can check your computer to make sure it has the necessary utilities to work with Webex. Use System Test Link to check your system for working well with Webex.

IMPORTANT When your appointment time is near, it is recommended that your close ALL other programs that are open or running on your computer, so the audio and video experience is smooth and enjoyable.